They keep warm and do not let out frost

You can rely on our windows

What would be a windowless house? These were only built in Kocourkov. Our plastic windows ensure that you will not feel like in Kocourkov. It will suitably complement your dwelling and allow you a good view of the surroundings.
The use of plastic windows is wide

Many windows offer plastic windows, so there is a remarkable competition on the market. Our company will also offer you, for example, winter gardens. Winter Garden is a roofed and thermally insulated gazebo, whose walls are filled with transparent material, usually glass. So you can be out in the winter. Plastic windows are therefore complemented by another assortment.
Insulation material

The term "insulating material" originated at a time when people understood that it was necessary to separate certain two substances from one another so that they would not escape from the space where one of the two substances is enclosed and not mix with the other.

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