The home has already fully invaded our homes.  It's no longer just a matter for the rich.  Even you can afford it.  Now you can enjoy a relaxing hydromassage every day.  You will only experience this unique experience in a whirlpool bath.  The feeling of fatigue disappears like a wave of a magic wand.

Whirlpool does not have to be only round but we have other shapes.  You also have the option to choose from multiple colors.  The Albixon whirlpool offers 37 degrees of warm water with eddy currents with pleasant music and aroma.  Thanks to the oxygenation of the water your skin revitalizes and the skin becomes naturally fresh and beautiful.

What is a blower?  The blower whirlpool is equipped with a tank of fragrant essences.  Blower is a special set of jets that releases a gentle and pleasant gust of air and helps to spread the fragrance essence.

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